It may be a restaurant, clothing store, pet store, bridal  boutique, car rental, photo studio, electronics store, tutorial website, or something different, we are honored to turn your ideas into reality.

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Complete the quote form so we know who you are, what you do, and what strategy marries perfectly with your brand so your website stands out from your competitors.



We will explore which website service or website package suites your needs and produce the highest rate of conversion while maximizing your savings.



A clean custom website design created to be fully mobile friendly, functional and easy for any one to do website maintenance.



Once you agree to the design specifications we will develop the website, add the functionalities, test and ratify. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

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Tech Support

We are here to serve you better. We provide 24/7 Support to all our Members.


Join our online community, become apart of the family. Use our active Facebook group to interact with other members, network, and to ask question to help your business grow.

Monthly Q&A Call

Monthly question and answer session for all Web-DesignMaster members.


We provide some of the best content marketing strategies today. Get your posts to the top of Google’s Rankings faster.

Lead Capture

Engage your visitors and generate leads. With our Premium Leads Capture Plugin. It’s fast, beautifully designed and Converts.


We’ll never let your asset fall to the back of the line. All Websites we create are fully Search Engine optimized. This will get you more traffic and increase your conversion rate.

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You will never get left behind when you are a leader. Let us help you to formulate a winning strategy. The support you receive is second to none. Contact us today.

  1. TechCrunch.
  2. The New Yorker.
  3. BBC America.
  4. Bloomberg Professional.
  5. The Official Star Wars Blog.
  6. Variety.
  7. Sony Music.
  8. MTV News.

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It could cost you under $100 to create your own WordPress website. You just have to buy a domain name which is about $11 if it is new with no link and a low domain authority. Then you would have to host your website on a server. It could be your own or a third party like Bluehost.

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It takes less then 5 minutes to install WordPress. However, the time it take to customize your website depends on:

  • The features you are looking for.
  • The amount to security measure you want to implement.
  • Etc…

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The cost to download and use the WordPress Software is free. The real cost is in purchasing a domain name, web hosting, features, and customization.

WordPress is very dynamic in it’s capabilities. You will have a great platform to publish and schedule blog posts. You are also able to create functional static pages.

To create a responsive website is an approach that provide the users with the best visibility and experience on a wide range of devices. Such as phone, computer, iPad, tablet, etc…

It is a better practice to save images that have content as GIF format instead of JPG, because jpg has file compression which may render the font unreadable.

We provide the following services:

  1. Website Design
    • WordPress
  2. Search Engine Optimization
    • Keyword research 
    • SERP analysis 
    • Competition analysis
  3. Content Marketing
    • Website content 
    • Blog post
  4. Website Maintenance 
    • Optimize website for speed.
    • Search Engine Optimization 
    • Website Audit 
    • Fix bad links
    • Fix duplicate content
    • and more…

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We are special, because we are not only a solution oriented website design company. We provide tremendous value such as:

  1. Website security: so you can sleep sound knowing that your website has the most up to date security features for WordPress.
  2. Free backup: in the event that your website needs to be restored. This can be done quickly and seamlessly.
  3. Premium Plugins: We provide FREE, a wide assortment of premium plugins that will provide you with great designs, features, functions and customization.
    • Such as:
    • Paid membership subscription for those who have premium content at they want to charge for.
    • Content drip feed to keep your clients engaged. You could also feed content to visitors based on there subscription plans.
    • Payment Solutions for fast, easy and reliable checkout.
    • Custom Layout to maximize your user experience.

And a lot more…


Yes, each client has a developer to contact in the event of an emergency. This person is dedicated to the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of the website.

It takes on average 2-5 weeks the launch your website depending on its complexity.

Yes, we provide quality website development that are EASY for our clients to maintain. If they choose to do routine maintenance and updates on their own. We also provide brief training for these clients.

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