Web-DesignMaster is a website design, website development and marketing company. We specialize in content management systems (cms), like WordPress. We also provide Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and a free consultation to Businesses or Individuals needing professional advice.

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We put our customers satisfaction first while maintaining some of the most competitive prices in the industry. There are three Popular Website Services the customers order. These plans are the BoatYacht, and Ship Website Services. This includes full Website Development, Maintenance, and Updates on a Monthly billing cycle. For the first time you can have your cake and eat it too. With this package you never have to worry about finding all the funds to cover a major project. If the features in the plans mentioned are not fitting to the customers needs they could click the GET A QUOTE button fill out the form provided and submit it. Then a Web Developer will review the customer specifications and contact them via phone or email to discuss the next step. 

Web-DesignMaster.com is a proud Canadian company and was launched on November 11, 2017. Its founder and CEO has many years of experience in Information Technology and with WordPress. We are dedicated to ensuring that Web-DesignMaster.com provides the highest quality websites at a reduced cost.

A little History

Web-DesignMaster.com did not start out as a website, design, and marketing solution. Instead it was just friends who are information technology professionals and wanted to make passive income online. People are always asking me to create websites for them, so I thought this may be something that I could do full-time. Many things has changed since then but we are still committed to keeping up with industry standards, learning from past projects to improve future ventures, and we never loose our passion for providing clients with a variety of avenues for their businesses to succeed.

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